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Students (Master)

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구 본 주

ICeT 41기 / Lab Leader
         1. Data Analytics
         2. Deep Learning: NLP

​남 수 민

ICeT 42기
       1. Machine Learning
       2. Text Mining
       3. Digital Business​​

​정 원 상

ICeT 42기
  • E-mail:
  • Major: Digital Business and Management
  • Research interest
    1. Digital Strategy
       2. Data Mining
       3. Data Analytics
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​송 정 은

ICeT 41기
         1. Text Mining
         2. Deep Learning : NLP
         3. Machine Learning

​송 윤 아

ICeT 41기
        1. Data Analytics
        2. Deep Learning
        3. Time-Series Analysis
김영진 생활사진_edited.jpg

김 영 진

ICeT 40기
         1. Recommender System
         2. Data Analytics
         3. Digital Business
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